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Catawissa, PA, USA
40.89036° North 76.51697° West
990 Feet Above Sea Level
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Looking SouthWest!

"I've lived in good climate, and it bores the hell out of me. I like weather rather than climate." ~John Steinbeck(American Novelist and Writer, Nobel Prize for Literature for 1962, 1902-1968)

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Weather conditions at 07:10:00 PM local time on Saturday August 08.

Temperature Wind Chill Heat Index Humidity Dew Point Rainfall
Current: 78.8°F Current: n.a.°F Current: n.a.°F Current: 76% Current: 70.6°F Total: 0 In.
Rate: 0 In./hour
Max: 84°F at 16:52
Min: 64.7°F at 06:43
Min: 0°F at 00:00 Max: 89.9°F at 17:11 Max: 100% at 10:23
Min: 63% at 17:44
Max: 72.9°F at 13:51
Min: 64.4°F at 04:56
Max Rate: 0 at n.a.
Trends Days Since Rain
10 Min: -0.3°F
60 Min: -2.5°F
    10 Min: 2%
60 Min: 9%
10 Min: 0.5°F
60 Min: 1.3°F
Current Gust 10 Minute Averages Today's Max
Current Direction
Current Speed
Average Direction
Average Speed
Max Gust
230° 2 231° 1 MPH 3 MPH 9 MPH @ 306° at 14:14
Est. Cloud Base Barometer Wet Bulb Today's Suncast
Sunrise: 06:09:41
Sunset: 20:14:21
Day Length: 14 h 4 m
Start of Civil Twilight: 05:39:25
End of Civil Twilight: 20:44:31
Length of Visible Light: 15 h 5 m
Number of
Cricket Chirps
Tomorrow's Suncast
155 per Min. Sunrise: 06:10:19
Sunset: 20:13:14
Start of Civil Twilight: 05:40:13
End of Civil Twilight: 20:43:15
JavaWX Version
Forecast Current Mooncast Tomorrow's Mooncast Future Moons
images/forecast/day_partly_cloudy.png  Phase:
Waning Gibbous
Illumination: 75%
Moon Rise: Coming Soon!
Moon Set: Coming Soon!
Moon Rise: Coming Soon!
Moon Set: Coming Soon!
Next new moon: August 18, 2020 22:42
Next 1st quarter: August 25, 2020 13:59
Next full moon: September 2, 2020 01:23
Next last quarter: September 10, 2020 05:28

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